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Guiding, training and further bringing horse and rider, that is what we are passionately committed to. At the Prinsenhoeve individual attention, care and quality are paramount. We offer tailor-made professional guidance for both dressage and jumping, at every level. A great deal of attention is paid to the basis and to the cooperation between you and your horse. As a result, any problem areas are quickly visible so that you can continue to train in a targeted way. In peace and relaxation we look together at how we can bring you and your horse to beautiful results.


At the Prinsenhoeve children up to 7 years old can playfully get acquainted with our Pony's Bumba and Bertus. The children at this age have almost never "really" ridden. In our way we teach them a good posture and sit, and we prevent them from teaching something that they have to learn later. Under personal guidance the children receive lessons in peacekeeping, cleaning and care, safety and the rules in and around the stables and lanes. After a number of lessons at the Prinsenhoeve they master the basis of pony riding and they have become familiar with the world of horses, something they will enjoy all their lives.

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