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Privacy Statement Stal Prinsenhoeve - May 2018


Les clients or participants in a clinic

We ask the class clients and participants in a clinic for their name and telephone number. We use your name to speak to you (very friendly) and put the names of the participants in a clinic on a start list. This start list is published on social media. We use your telephone number, for example, to call you when you change a lesson or start time clinic. These data are also not passed on to others. As soon as you are no longer a class customer and after a clinic, we remove your name and telephone number from our database.


Newsletters and special letters

If you want to receive the newsletter and the special letters, you must have given permission for this. This can be done with a simple short e-mail message to Patricia or Gerd. We then have your e-mail address that we keep in a file and do not pass it on to others. Do not want to receive letters anymore? Send a message to Patricia or Gerd and it will happen. We will therefore delete your e-mail address from the file.



Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer or mobile device stores when you use our website. The website uses functional and analytical cookies.



If you have questions about how we handle your personal information that is not answered in this statement, ask Patricia or Gerd.

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